DreaMed’s MD Logic: Clinical Artificial Intelligence

Each patient’s response to adjustments in insulin dosage is unique, impacted by all their day-to-day activities. Unpacking the data for patient-specific treatment decisions and behavioral guidelines is a challenge even for the best clinicians.

Drawing on years of experience, the DreaMed Diabetes medical team and developers created a solution introducing artificial intelligence into the process: MD Logic.

This cognitive technology analyzes all available real-world data on insulin dosing and blood glucose (sensor readings, fingerstick measurements, meal or carb intake data), in addition to patient reporting, for maximum accuracy. With fuzzy logic and adaptive learning algorithms, MD Logic emulates the way expert endocrinologists actually evaluate their patients, progressively refining their understanding of each case – but with faster analysis and deeper insights.

MD Logic technology can be used in any or all of the following ways:
As a straight data analysis report
As diabetes management recommendations
As an insulin dosing adjustment recommendation - tailored to the patient’s treatment option
MD Logic is at the heart of DreaMed Advisor and Glucositter, making personalized diabetes healthcare reporting, guidance and recommendations possible.