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An Expert Diabetes Physician, In Your Pocket

Innovative technology is what will be required to transform medicine and provide doctors and patients the ability to more effectively manage health. One of the most common – and one of the most debilitating – diseases affecting people today is Type 1 diabetes. Effective management of Type 1 diabetes requires careful management of insulin levels, but that can be difficult for a physician to do for a patient when they only see the patient every few months. Each patient is unique in the way they react and respond to insulin dosage changes.

The DreaMed team created MD-Logic to translate diabetes-related data into patient-specific treatment decisions and diabetes management tips using DreaMed Diabetes’ unique MD-Logic technology. Drawing on years of clinical experience, the DreaMed Diabetes medical team and developers focused on optimizing personalization so that each patient’s insulin dose was based on that patient’s needs and not a general guideline to deliver on-demand, personalized medicine.

What Does MD Logic Do?

MD-Logic analyzes available real-world data on dosing and blood glucose, in addition to patient reporting, for maximum accuracy. With fuzzy-logic and learning algorithms, the solution emulates the way expert endocrinologists actually evaluate their patients, progressively refining their understanding of how a particular patient responds to insulin treatment adjustments. By using technology to enhance the whole picture of the patient, insulin adjustments can be highly customized based on more than just a glucose reading.

MDLogic technology can be used in any or all of the following ways:

  • As a straight data analysis report;
  • As life style and diabetes management recommendations; and
  • As an insulin dosing adjustment recommendation, tailored to the patient’s treatment option (pump, MDI, continuous glucose sensor, or any other).

In developing the MD-Logic technology that underpins DreaMed Advisor and Glucositter, DreaMed Diabetes managed and operated multicenter, multinational, large-scale clinical trials. The Glucositter solution, specifically, has been tested in leading clinical centers in the European Union, where it has been shown to be both safe and efficacious. In the context of its development of Glucositter, DreaMed Diabetes became the first company to receive a CE Mark for an artificial pancreas system.

DreaMed Diabetes’ Advisor will use data to recommend specific pump setting changes based on a number of factors, including the patient’s glucose levels, insulin delivery, food data, activity level, and more. It will take the guesswork out of pump adjustments by using more data and patient history to determine future treatment. For example, if the patient has a tendency to experience hypoglycemia through the night, the Advisor algorithm may recommend reducing the basal rate at night in order to prevent it.

By leveraging historical data and applying an in-depth understanding of patient and physician needs and innovative technology to the data, DreaMed’s MD-Logic will change the way patients and doctors think about the treatment of diabetes. DreaMed Diabetes enhances the lives of both patients and caregivers over the world, with some of the most innovative personalized medicine available today. To learn more, visit