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DreaMed’s Advisor Helmsley Study is Half way through

In 2015, DreaMed Diabetes was awarded a $3.4 million grant from The Type 1 Diabetes Program of The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. Grants like the Helmsley Charitable Trust award are crucial to the efforts of DreaMed to revolutionize the way Type 1 diabetes is understood and managed.

Recognizing the promise of DreaMed Advisor for insulin pump patients, DreaMed Diabetes was selected from a pool of 70 applicants to be the recipients of the Helmsley Charitable Trust Award. The grant was provided to enable DreaMed to complete an international clinical study in partnership with Glooko, a leader in mobile and web applications for diabetes management.

After two years of development and regulatory effort, the NextDREAM consortium has initiated recruitment for the multi-center study in the US, EU and Israel on November 2017. All-in-all, the study will evaluate DreaMed’s Advisor, integrated into Glooko platform, in seven clinical centers, following 112 patients over 6 months.

Up-to-date, 64 patients were recruited around US, EU and Israel. All patients are using the Glooko platform and half of them get access to Advisor which already provided more than 50 different recommendations to patients in its group.

Using original technology, DreaMed’s Advisor will revolutionize the way T1D data is used for insulin pump patients. By applying an algorithmic decision-making process that mimics the physician’s clinical analysis of patient data and information, Advisor will be able to make insulin dosing recommendations for patients. This is an important innovation that has the capability of improving the lives and health outcomes of people living with Type 1 diabetes, who currently struggle to manage insulin dosages with infrequent visits to their physician’s office and guesswork.

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DreaMed’s Advisor takes the guesswork out of determining the proper insulin dosage by analyzing available real-world data on dosing and blood glucose, in addition to patient reporting, for maximum accuracy. With fuzzy logic and learning algorithms, the solution emulates the way expert endocrinologists actually evaluate their patients, progressively refining their understanding of how a particular patient responds to insulin treatment adjustments. By using technology to enhance the whole picture of the patient, insulin adjustments can be highly customized based on more than just a glucose reading.

DreaMed’s Advisor will revolutionize the way patients and physicians use data to manage insulin

Advisor How It Works

This highly customizable and personalized approach considers the historical patient data of glucose levels, insulin delivery, and the patient’s other activities.

DreaMed’s goal is to change the way patients and doctors think about the treatment of diabetes, providing an “expert diabetes physician in your pocket.” DreaMed Diabetes enhances the lives of both patients and caregivers over the world, with some of the most innovative personalized medicine available today

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