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FAQ For Healthcare Providers

Advisor FAQ
Where is the patient’s glucose and insulin data uploaded to?

Patients need to upload their glucose and insulin data to either the Glooko or Tidepool platform. From there, DreaMed Diabetes can securely and safely analyze the data and generate treatment recommendations.

How often can Advisor generate a recommendation?

Advisor Pro can generate recommendations every 14 days and every 21 days in cases of using the Advisor Pro with the integrated Glooko version.

Who is certified to operate the Advisor Pro software?

Whoever is licensed in the clinic to make changes to patients’ insulin doses (treatment plan).

What are the pump settings that the Advisor Pro is recommended to change?

The Advisor Pro recommendation include adjustments to the following pump settings:
1. Basal rate plan
2. Carb ration (CR) plan
3. Correction factor (CF) plan or sensitivity to insulin

Can I change or edit the recommendation provided by Advisor Pro?

Yes, you can edit each of the Advisor Pro recommendations by clicking the edit button in each pump setting window (basal rate/CR/ CF).

What are the personalized diabetes management tips that Advisor Pro advises?

The personal diabetes management tips are automatic textual messages that Advisor pro generates during the analysis and may help the patient avoid hypo and hyper events.

Can I send the patient additional textual instructions?

Yes, you can use the comment boxes that are found in each pump setting window if you want to refer specifically to them or add general comments on the bottom of the page referring to the whole treatment plan.

Can the patient see the recommendation before it is approved by the provider?

No, the patient can only see the recommendation once its approved and shared by the provider.

Is there a limit of maximum change that Advisor Pro may advise?

Yes, these are the maximum changes that Advisor Pro can advise in each of the pump settings:

Basal rate plan: +/- 20% of the current values

CR and CF plan: +/- 30% of the current values

Can I remove some of the data from the uploaded data that is transferring to the Advisor Pro?

No, you cannot edit, change, replace, or flag out any data from the analysis.

What are the requirements for generating a new recommendation?

The patient needs to have valid data from at least 12 of the past 21 days in order to generate a new recommendation. To see the full definition of a valid day, you may refer to the instruction for use on our support page.