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FAQ For People With Diabetes

Advisor FAQ
What are the benefits I can expect in case my provider is using the Advisor Pro?

When treated by a provider equipped with the Advisor Pro software you may enjoy more access to diabetes expertise and remote consultations between visits. The Advisor Pro will help your provider to analyze your insulin and glucose data easily and efficiently, potentially allowing you more focused clinic visits with attention on you rather then your data.

Are there any risks associated with using Advisor Pro?

All treatment recommendations and instructions received through the Advisor Pro are under the complete control of your healthcare provider and is safe for use. As with any medical device, there is always a certain amount of risk involved in their use, however, the risk is no different from the risk of receiving treatment recommendations from your healthcare provider.

Can I use Advisor Pro on my own?

No, Advisor Pro is a tool for healthcare providers only. You can however get treatment from a provider using it.

Will I need to continuously connect my devices and download data?

This depends on the devices that you are using (CGM /SMBG /Insulin pump). Some will only require the first connection to allow data flow and then the information will be continuously and automatically uploaded to Advisor Pro seamlessly. Other devices may require you to actively upload your data whenever you wish to get a new recommendation. Your provider will brief you as needed once starting your treatment using the Advisor Pro.

What are the pump settings that the Advisor Pro recommends to change?

The Advisor Pro recommendation includes adjustments to the following pump settings:
1. Basal rate plan
2. Carb ration (CR) plan
3. Correction factor (CF) plan or sensitivity to insulin

How will I know that a new recommendation is waiting for me?

Once your provider approves a new recommendation, you will receive it directly to your Advisor Pro app and to your web-based Advisor Pro account. In case your clinic is using Advisor Pro over Glooko you will receive the recommendation on your Glooko app.

In addition some clinics prefer to send the recommendations via their EHR or email.

How often can the Advisor generate a recommendation?

Your healthcare provider can generate a new recommendation using Advisor Pro every 14 days. In case your clinic is using Advisor Pro over Glooko your provider can generate a new recommendation every 21 days.