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The Dream Team: Interviews with Interns

New perspectives, new partners and new teams – at Dreamed Diabetes we are constantly improving our practices to achieve the best results. This summer we worked with three interns respectively from Columbia, Brown and Brandeis University in the United States.

Our interns – Gabrielle, Trisha and Yona – underwent a training process to learn about diabetes and the digital health ecosystem. They were given personalized presentations by our business development, AI, and product management teams. After this, the interns were ready to participate in meetings and contribute to our sales, marketing, and business strategy.

We asked them a few questions to learn about their experiences at Dreamed Diabetes-


Q) Why did you decide to intern at Dreamed Diabetes?


“I was initially passionate about studying Medicine, but I realized I’m more interested in the bridge between medicine, technology and business, and Dreamed seemed like a good fit. I also have Type 1 diabetes and any technology focused on improving the care for T1D patients is very interesting to me.” – Gabrielle Ratzker, Columbia University ’21


“I’ve interned at start-ups before, but I wanted to work at a place where I really believed in the product. When I looked into Dreamed, I thought the product was very interesting. But beyond that, I felt interning here would allow me to do meaningful work and simultaneously learn about business while helping others” – Yona


“I have always been interested in healthcare entrepreneurship and there is a lot of spotlight on digital health and AI in this field. I felt Dreamed Diabetes stood out because it emphasizes using technology to support healthcare professionals and not replace them” – Trisha


Q) What are some of the things you learnt during your internship?


“Firstly, I learnt so much about diabetes and the US healthcare system. I also have a whole new perspective on sales. I discovered different techniques and ways to sell that move away from sales stereotypes and focus on building trust and providing value.” – Yona Steinman, Brandeis University ’20


“I definitely learnt how to work more efficiently and follow a timeline. I also improved my presentation skills. I always knew about diabetes but I gained a much better understanding about the other side of things that I had never even thought about.” – Gabrielle


“I learnt about the different aspects of the healthcare industry beyond physicians and patients – we had projects focusing on reimbursement, healthcare data and venture capital. I also gained many practical skills including making investor pitches and reaching out to customers– Trisha



Q) What will you take back from this experience?


“My favorite part of the internship was the focus on process creation. We weren’t simply given tasks to complete but had to use our creativity and collaborate to figure out the best way to do them. I think learning new things, adapting and innovating is crucial for any business at any stage and Dreamed does just that.” – Trisha Thacker, Brown University ’21


“I learnt how to take a daunting task and break it down into smaller tasks. We had many difficult projects but when we worked together and organized efficiently, we were able to complete them. This internship taught me to value different perspectives.” – Gabrielle


“I think something I realized is that Dreamed Diabetes is a company that truly cares for its employees, and I felt this as an intern too. The value of this pays off as creating a positive work environment leads to success. In the future, I want to work at a company that promotes the same positive work culture to achieve better results.” – Yona