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Innovations, research, products, and different topics of expertise in diabetes care,
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The Emerging Digital World in Diabetes Care – Decision Support Systems
Revital Nimri
The use of technology to reach Time in Range Targets
Tadej Battelino
SLGT-Inhibitors and technology
Thomas Danne
Primer on interpreting Diabetes Downloads
Irl Hirsch
Contextualizing advanced diabetes devices using the CARES paradigm
Laurel Messer
Right Patient, Right Device, Right Time: Psychological Aspects of Onboarding Diabetes Technologies
Katharine Barnard
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Early Initiation of CGM in New Onset T1D Pediatric Patients
David Maahs
A real world look at TIR and GMI
Irl B. Hirsch
Time in range and diabetes complications
Roy Beck
Real world evidence in clinical trials
David Klonoff
Technologies supporting exercise adherence and control in diabetes
Michael Riddell
Using the Data as a Conversation Tool to Optimize Care
Diana Isaacs
The Power of Online Peer Support Communities for Providers and their Patients
Thom Scher
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    With the rapid development of technologies and innovation in the world, it cco keep up with all technological and therapeutic advancements in the field. I invite you to join the Advisor Acadee, where thought leaders, top researchers and medical innovators will share their expertise and enable you to stay on top of the exciting developments and breakthrough technologies in our field
    Dr. Revital Nimri Program Director
    The Advisor Academy covers a wide range of topics in diabetes care – each talk is very in-depth and well-explained. For example, the talk about interpreting the IgA reports and that is something you just have to figure out. But this resource gave me access to a doctor who explained it differently and in detail
    Julie Heuduck Nurse practitioner
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