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Advisor Pro

We treat the data you treat the person

DreaMed Advisor PRO is a decision-support tool,  a diabetes data advisor for real-time personalized medicine. It is based on real-world experience and turbo-charged by artificial intelligence to quickly and automatically determine the optimal treatment for maintaining balanced glucose levels.

Our simple, user-friendly solution was created by diabetes professionals who are familiar with the daily struggles of care givers in the field and are passionate about making a change. By frequent titration changes and remote care, we provide patients with easy access to expert care and better treatment thus by improving their overall health and wellbeing.

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Why Advisor Pro?

Productive and efficient office visits, with more time for patient interaction.
Using the Advisor allows any clinic to implement telemedicine services and offer patients remote consultation along with frequent titration changes.
Team Standardization
A unified treatment approach synchronizing HCP teams using a simple decision support tool.

How It Works?

Data from CGM, SMBG and insulin pump is uploaded to a data management system
Advisor pulls the data and analyzes it using the MD Logic algorithm, searching for highs and lows along with specific individual patterns
Advisor produces a full titration recommendation including optimization of basal rate, carbohydrate ratio, correction factor (insulin sensitivity) and personalized behavioral tips
The HCP operating the program can review the recommendation, edit it, and finally, share with the patient via email, app or print

MD Logic Algorithm

The MD Logic technology behind Advisor Pro was built over the course of 10 years and tested with data sets of hundreds of people with diabetes. It uses AI algorithms to emulate the way expert endocrinologists evaluate their patients, refining their understanding in a personal way for each patient, using accumulated information including collating, cross-referencing and analyzing all that critical, patient-specific information – both real-time and archived. MD Logic enables faster and deeper insights from insulin dosing data and blood glucose levels  (CGM, SMBG, Insulin pump), as well as patient reporting to create the optimal treatment.



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