Turning Patient Data into Human Insight:

The Proprietary DreaMed Process

DreaMed Advisor is your decision-support tool for real-time personalized medicine, quickly and automatically determining the optimal treatment for maintaining balanced glucose levels.


How does DreaMed Advisor take ordinary data collection and transform it into breakthrough insights and recommendations?

It begins with Advisor seamlessly integrating with existing data sources, tapping into the third-party diabetes management systems that send their data to the cloud, providing Advisor with all available information for analysis. This includes sources like glucose readings (sensor readings or fingerstick blood glucose measurements), insulin dosing records, and meal carb intake data – all collected as part of a daily management routine.

But collection is only the beginning of what Advisor does. Using a proprietary algorithm, Advisor combines breakthrough event-driven machine learning and adaptive technology to continuously learn and get to know each individual – their unique habits, needs and specific glucose data.

The result of this transformative process? Unprecedented decision-making guidance, as Advisor automatically adjusts its insulin treatment and behavior modification recommendations on a personal and individual basis. Working as a healthcare provider’s “expert partner”, Advisor offers unique insight and direction consistently, quickly and on-demand.

For Healthcare Providers

Advisor becomes another expert on your team, providing unique insights tirelessly, quickly and on demand.

  • Event-driven, real-time, continuous and automated glucose level analysis
  • More efficient office visits, with more time for patient interaction
  • Cloud-based for unobtrusive remote monitoring and treatment adjustments
  • Easy-to-use data management
  • Clear reporting that can be edited and shared
  • Improved glucose control outcomes
Frquently Asked Questions

For People With Diabetes

Advisor partners with your healthcare provider, turning complex information into actionable insights, for better treatment outcomes.
  • Treatment plans tailored to your lifestyle
  • Guidance for systematic self-management
  • Increased access to diabetes expertise and remote consultations
  • Less time spent at the doctor’s office
  • Fast and accurate insulin adjustments that won’t disrupt your life
  • Easy to understand reporting
  • Improved glucose control
Advisor Pro is FDA cleared