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How Your Tidepool Data Can Help Other People with Diabetes

We are looking for users to volunteer their insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor data solely for the purpose of quality testing the integration of the Advisor Pro software with Tidepool to optimize insulin therapy

How can I share my data?

You can share your data if you are a person with type 1 diabetes, using an insulin pump, with or without a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The specific devices you use will determine if you are eligible to participate. See list below

To share your data with DreaMed Diabetes:

1. Create a personal Tidepool account. (or use your existing one)

2. Login and click the Share button at the top of the screen.

3. Click Invite new member   4. Enter:

4. Share with:

5. Click the Invite button

6.If you haven’t already, download and install the Tidepool uploader for PC or Mac

7. Upload data from your insulin pump, CGM, and blood glucose meter into your Tidepool account.

That’s it, DreaMed team will contact you to send you your Gift Card Gift Card* eligibility

DreaMed Diabetes will send you a $40 Gift Card if you meet all the following criteria:

  • You have shared a Tidepool account
  • Your account includes insulin pump data from at least 20 days in the last month
  • Your account includes CGM data from at least 18 days in the last month
  • You are one of the first 50 eligible users
  • Your account remains shared with DreaMed until May 31, 2019

DreaMed will contact you to send you your gift card via the email address associated with your Tidepool account. If your email is different from the one you use with your Tidepool account, please send your correct contact information to

About DreaMed Advisor

DreaMed Diabetes is dedicated to enhancing the lives of insulin-dependent patients, their caregivers, and medical staff, empowering them with innovative personalized medicine. We are currently developing Advisor Pro, a unique, personalized decision-support tool aimed at quickly and accurately determining the optimal treatment plan for maintaining a balanced glucose level.
For any questions, contact

Eligible devices: 

Insulin pumps: Medtronic**, Omnipod, Tandem, Animas

CGM: Medtronic, Abbott

Glucose meters:Any supported by

Not eligible

Pump: Medtronic 670G**

CGM: Dexcom<

By participating you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy.

*Restrictions apply, see