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Getting Started with Uploader

This checklist will help you get started using Uploader.

  1. Download and Install Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is currently the only browser that is compatible with and Uploader. You are able to use other Chromium based browsers, but we recommend Chrome as the browser we test against.

2. Receive your account invitation from your clinician.

In the email invitation, you will find a link to claim your account and create a password. Also, you will find the link to install Uploader.


3. Install Uploader on your Mac or Windows PC.

You need to download and install Uploader on your computer to upload your data to You can find detailed instructions in this walkthrough or go directly to to download the latest version of Uploader.

4. Use Uploader to upload your diabetes device data.

    1. This walkthrough explains how to use Uploader.
    2. If you need specific instructions for your insulin pump, CGM, or blood glucose meter, you can find upload instructions in this group of device guides.
If you need further assistance, contact DreaMed support:

MKT-12153, Last updated on: May 27, 2024