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Omnipod Classic

If you are using the Omnipod DASH system, please see this guide – Uploading your Omnipod DASH

This article assumes you have:

  • An account– If you don’t have an account, ask your healthcare provider to send you an invitation to
  • Installed the latest version of the Uploader – if you have not installed the Uploader, you can download the latest version at
  • An Original Omnipod PDM and a USB A-Male to Mini-B cable– Your PDM should have come with this cable, but if you need to purchase a replacement here is a link on Amazon to buy one – AmazonBasics USB A-Male to Mini-B


1.     Connect your device

  • Connect Your Omnipod PDM to Your Computer. Wait for the PDM to read “USB device ready” at the top of the screen before proceeding.
  • Launch the Uploader and log in to your account.
  • Confirm ” Omnipod” is one of your Devices. You can change your devices by selecting “Choose Devices” from the menu under your name.

Omnipod Classic 1

2.     Upload your data

  • Confirm that the Uploader is set to the right time zone and that your PDM has the correct date and time set on the device.
    Omnipod Classic Upload
  • Click the “Upload” button in Uploader to begin the upload of the data from your PDM.
If you need further assistance, contact DreaMed support:

MKT-12153, Last updated on: June 19, 2023