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Troubleshooting: Uploading on Windows

1. General

1.1.      Install the latest updates

Please make sure that you have installed the latest updates for your computer. In some cases, not having the most recent updates can prevent the Uploader from being able to connect with devices connected to your computer, such as the Dexcom, Abbott Precision Xtra, and others. Please refer to this page for information on how to check if your computer is up to date: Windows Support Page: Is my computer up to date?

1.2.      Try another port

Occasionally, your device may have trouble communicating with the uploader due to a hiccup with the driver and the USB port. This can correct itself if you change the port that you are using to connect via USB to the device.

1.3.      Close other device software

Sometimes the USB port can only communicate with one piece of software at a time. If you have other diabetes device data management software open, close it. Then try again.

1.4.      Try another cable

Some USB cables are designed to only carry power, and lack the ability to carry data and to communicate with your devices. Damaged cables can also prevent a connection to the device. If you are having inexplicable issues connecting to your device, connecting via another cable may resolve the issue.

1.5.     Restart the Uploader application

If the Uploader does not open correctly, or got stuck on one of the screens, you can restart the application by pressing the Help and then Restart, on the top left menue. Once the Uploader restarts, you can reenter the application by clicking ‘Upload device data’ in web.

1.6.  Restart your computer

Classic, no? Occasionally restarting your computer can allow drivers and other unmentionables to reset and allow your hardware to resume normal functioning.



2.1.      Dexcom

Dexcom data can be shared with  by connecting the Dexcom patient account to  directly. Once connected,  can access the patient data to generate a recommendation without additional actions from the patient or the clinic team.

A patient can connect  with their Dexcom account either from the HCP application, the patient web application or DreaMed Diary mobile application.

To connect a Dexcom account, visit the Patient screen and click the Connect with Dexcom button.

The following screen displays. The patient may log in with an existing Dexcom account or with a new one.

Once logged in, the Dexcom screen closes and the screen indicates that the patient is connected with Dexcom.


2.2.      OneTouch

Please ensure that you have installed the latest version of the Uploader from . You can learn more about installing the Uploader from this article.

2.3.      Abbott

Please ensure you are using the correct cable for your meter. See guide on uploading each device for your specific Abbott device.

If you need further assistance, contact DreaMed support:

MKT-12153, Last updated on: May 27, 2024